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1) The Problem...

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It is estimated that over 90% of all the health problems Veterinarians see in Sugar Gliders are directly related to poor, homemade diets that owners innocently found on the Internet. According to multiple Veterinary studies, these diets often contain excessive levels of sugar and fat - and most-importantly, they lack the wide range of vital nutrients, vitamins and essential minerals that are required by domestic Sugar Gliders. While Sugar Gliders usually love these "junk food" diets, (containing high amounts of fruits, eggs, honey, insects, etc..) they often begin to suffer from obesity, bone disease and a wide range of other health problems. Click here to read a dietary warning from: "Sugar Gliders: A Complete Veterinary Care Guide."
An obese Sugar Glider eating mealworms.
An obese Sugar Glider eating mealworms.
A Sugar Glider suffering from multiple ailments shortly before death.
A Sugar Glider suffering from multiple ailments
shortly before death.
An equally dangerous dietary alternative are a handful of so-called commercial Sugar Glider foods which (despite their claims of being "wholesome", "complete", or "secret" formulas) are often nothing more than cheap cat food, rabbit pellets, or supplements designed for primates or reptiles. The simple fact is that Sugar Gliders have very specific, unique dietary requirements - and foods designed for other animals can lead to serious health problems and even death.

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ASGV is the leading Sugar Glider Veterinary Association in the world, dedicated to the health and care of Sugar Gliders.

Nutrimax™, Vitamax™ and SmartHPW™ are endorsed by the
Association of Sugar Glider Veterinarians™ (ASGV),
and your order includes the step-by-step instructional ASGV™ guide:

“Transitioning your Sugar Gliders to a Nutritious and Healthy Diet”


At VetsPride™, we strongly support legitimate scientific research to advance the health and well-being of Sugar Gliders. As such, a percentage of all our profits goes to help fund ongoing veterinary research. We invite you to join our family and introduce your Sugar Gliders to healthy life nutrition!

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